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About Us


Steve Cahill

Cheif Technical officer, Co-founder

Steve Cahill has over 20 years' experience in mobile device programming with a passion for cooking and yummy food.


Rossi Cahill

Chief executive officer, Co-founder

Rossi Cahill brings decades of successful busines ownership to Waxpaper Software and a passion for justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Our Story

Steve and Rossi met at a disarmament rally in Philly in 1996. He was 19 and they were 17. After asking Steve out and dating for a year, Rossi convinced their Sicilian Dad that the best place to go to college for architectural engineering was where Steve went. They’ve been teaming up on love, life, and business pretty much ever since. In their spare time, they play in a band called Ten Spiders, which is oddly also related to eating. 

Mission & Values: Harmonious Food Communities

Our products promote a greater connection to our food and to each other. What we eat and how we eat it tells us a lot about ourselves and each other. Meals are an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to build community. Like every aspect of our lives, climate chaos is impacting food systems, too. We are also committed to addressing climate change in meaningful ways by shifting our culture towards more healthy and accountable relationships. We are committed to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.